Ellis Shuman Reads

I read a lot and write reviews of the books that I read so that you can enjoy them as well.
June 2015
text: When an Israeli Author Leaps into the Unknown
Last week I signed a contract with an American-based literary agent. My new book, a suspense novel set in both Israel and Bul...
url: Why I Write about Bulgaria
April 2015
reviewed: A Mossad Spy Thriller that's not a Mossad Spy Thriller
A Mossad Spy Thriller that's not a Mossad Spy Thriller A blue-tinted Star of David features prominently on the cover, but...
February 2015
reviewed: Comparisons of New York and Tel Aviv
The short stories in New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 by Shelly Oria, are unconventional in structure and in the relationships they por...
December 2014
reviewed: Not supposed to happen in America
Hezbollah and Mossad agents battle it out on the streets of America in Doha 12, a novel inspired by the 2010 assassination in...
December 2014
reviewed: The Brave New World of The Circle
It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but every day I check how many new followers I have on Twitter; how many Likes my Facebook ...
November 2014
reviewed: Touring the Dark Side of Tel Aviv
The short story collection Tel Aviv Noir, edited by Etgar Keret and Assaf Gavron, takes readers on a tour through the city's ...
November 2014
reviewed: Life in the Wild, Wild, West Bank
Life in the Wild, Wild, West Bank In Assaf Gavron's novel The Hilltop, an illegal settlement in the West Bank is home to ...
October 2014
reviewed: Searching for Identity Elsewhere
In his novel, Elsewhere, Israeli-Austrian writer Doron Rabinovici raises questions of identity and belonging, Europe and Isra...
October 2014
reviewed: The Radicalism That Threatens Israel
In The War on Women in Israel, Dr. Elana Maryles Sztokman asks why Israel's government has constantly sided with an extreme v...
September 2014
reviewed: Israel is a mistake (not)
Eight years after suggesting that Israel was an "honest" mistake, Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen's follow-up book sh...
September 2014
reviewed: From Bulgaria to the Promised Land, Brazil
Escaping from internment in a Bulgarian labor camp during World War Two, a Jewish man makes a better life for his family in t...
August 2014
reviewed: Bringing Gilad Shalit home
The Negotiator by Gershon Baskin offers a behind the scenes look at the negotiations that brought Israel's soldier home from ...
The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas - Gershon Baskin
August 2014
reviewed: Murder in the Invisible City
The Hasidic Jewish community of Brooklyn is a closed society, but the brutal murder there of a pregnant woman is a story that...